Blood bank

The goal of the campaign was to get regular donors. We drew a fun parallel to remind people, that giving blood is not something you can do just once and there is nothing to be scared of.

Hampelmann Brewery

The goal was to create a clearly distinctive visual world for a little artisan beer brewery. Since the beers are 100% handmade by specialists, we trusted our identity into the hands of other specialists. For example, the illustrations were made by Toomas Kuusing, who was selected the best graphic artist of 2013. We used silk print for labels and the boxes were made by a cabinetmaker from Lääne county. We made everything to give our handmade beers a distinctive look.

Virtual Cleanup

Let’s do it is a world cleaning action that started in Estonia. The goal of Virtual Cleanup was to introduce the action in Facebook. Virtual world is like the real world, we are surrounded by huge amount of trash, but we are so used to it that we don’t even notice it. Virtual Cleanup is an app that enables you to go over your Like list and with just a click, remove the virtual polluters from it.


Fashion storm

Viru Keskus is Estonia’s leading fashion shopping centre. We created Fashion storm instead of a usual sale campaign. It visualizes a storm with the deform faces of the models.

Borjomi free taxi

Borjomi is a mineral water that helps to relieve the results of heavy partying. Since this promise is true, we set a goal to make our product available the “morning after”, on the partygoer’s breakfast table. As a solution we set up a free taxi that took the partygoers home from the night clubs and gave them a free bottle of Borjomi.

Fashion beyond borders

Viru Keskus is Estonia’s leading fashion shopping centre that always offers solutions that are a bit over the borders. Fashion beyond borders visuals show that Viru Keskus offers more than fits within the frames.


Many parents use candy as a bonus. When a child does something bad, he/she won’t get candy. Dragon wanted to show the parents that little mishaps are a natural thing when a child is discovering the world, they are not intentional. Also, kids can relate to dragon’s child-like logic.

Orientation in the wine world

The goal was to make wine look less sophisticated and to bring it closer to average person. Until now people talked about wine like it was some kind of special pleasure. We wanted to show that wine is actually a simple drink and you can joke when talking about it. As a solution we created a simple Nautimus’ mark system – 5 marks, 5 different categories. Just find the mark that you like the most and you will never choose a wrong wine again. In our communication we relieved the tension – wine is not something only sommeliers know about, it is a good everyday drink.

For a healthy Estonia

A print ad of one of Estonia’s biggest retail chain for the magazine “Jooksja/Runner”. The slogan “Terve Eesti jaoks” is based on word play, in the double meaning of the word terve. The slogan means “For the whole Estonia” and “For a healthy Estonia”.

Film classics

The main reason why people don’t use credit insurance is that they trust their partners. We reminded people that you can never count on any partner. We used segments from known Estonian movies where the characters convey the same idea that you can never totally rely on your partner.

Listen here: Film classics 1 Film classics 2