Diil Ice Bucket Challange

One day in autumn Space crone Makra heard that Diil Dog takes the Ice bucket challenge. In next comic strip Makra challenged the dog. Diil Dog took on the challenge with honor. Physical performance took place in Eesti Ekspress and as always the post went live in Facebook. Naturally the dog made donation and assigned the challenge also to Sotka Duck, Swedbank Squirrel and ETK Small Taks.

Viru Keskus renovation campaign

In 2014 there were major renovations in Viru Keskus shopping centre although the centre was open all the time. The objective of the campaign was make the renovation and concurrent inconveniences unnoticeable, and build up the positive expectations of forthcoming “opening” of a modernised and upgraded (new, more upmarket fashion brands) shopping centre. Despite the fact that the great part of the centre was temporarily closed for the visitors, the number of visitors reached to all times high.

Nordic Food Products honey

Nordic Food Products is an Estonian organic farming company that offers a wide variety of quality honeys. The task was to create series of labels for honey jars that would be a sealing for the package and differentiate the product from others. And who would suit better to guard the jar than a hugging honey bear? Therefore we created a series of illustrations with different honey bears hugging the jars. On the background one can see the different fields where the honey is gathered from.

Selver chick prediction

Selver has always been associated with volley ball, but in 2014 Selver became the main sponsor of FC Flora. We wished to associate Selver with football. The 2014 World Championships turned the attention to football. We offered our own match for the last Championships’ Paul the Octopus. Selver’s mascot Chick presented its predictions on Selver’s Vimeo and gained a large audience without any supportive media. The predictions were surprisingly accurate and created a storm in social media.

Maanteeamet – Long nights

Promoting the pedestrian reflector is not one-off event. It is easy to lose your reflector and thus become accidentally non-wearer. Therefore it is vital to keep the theme fresh throughout the whole dark period that in our country lasts six months. Unfortunately any radio spot will basically turn to “wallpaper” and become ineffective. In order to address that issue we created the series of radio spots that reminded the length of the night (“öö” – night) – the longer the night the more “ööööö-s”.

Listen here: Öööööd on meil pikad

Friend doesn’t let drunk friend to drive

“Don’t drink and drive” campaign was primarily targeting young males who are careless & risk-takers, who like to be in the spotlight and are overtly self-confident. We decided to address the problem via friends. The idea of ambient solution was to highlight the role of the friends and provide inspiration what they could do to stop drunken friend from driving. The cars packed with film were exhibited in summer events where drinking was far to common and between events next to Traffic Registry.

Linnamäe lihatööstus

We created simple but conspicuous package series for small game products manufacturer.

Estonia’s first online outdoor campaign

We created Facebook album which consisted photomanipulations of huge outdoor campaign. The text before photo album summarizes the campaign and said: “Honest Diil is that we save money and nature from advertising. Instead of mega Ads we did MiniDiil offer with smartphone mega cheap. Outdoor Ads we show only in Internet environment. If you like our story – join with MiniDiil in here.”

Smart choice

Shopping centre Viru Keskus has the biggest bookstore, the widest selection of jewellery and the best fashion shops in Estonia.

Selver Pääsküla campaign

The aim of the campaign was to surprise locally, give people reason to talk and find regular local clients for renovated Selver. Stores usually advertise their offers with direct mail. We used the same logic for Pääsküla Selver, but on bus stations. The bus stations turned into mini- Selvers with their offers. They acted both as directions to Selver and also information posts that informed the locals about their new local store with good offers.